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It is that time of year when I would like to inform you of the upcoming winter maintenance programme.

After a good growing season we have witnessed the benefits of last year’s roping off on the green surrounds and walk off areas. This traffic management shall continue this winter and will expand out onto sections of weak fairways throughout the winter months.

We have already started some of the larger projects and the gents 14th medal tee has now been extended. This has also been levelled to remove the dip at the front and this will allow a larger playing area for the yellow tee.  We are also going to be lifting the 3rd tee from front to back, levelling this and laying new turf.  This will again provide a larger tee area for both the medal and yellow tee.

There are a number of areas in front of greens where we plan to lift the turf, re-grade the ground and reinstall the turf.  Areas where this work will be carried out are for example, front of the 12th green, front of the 5th green, front of the 2nd green.  This will lead to some disruption, however we ask you to be patient during this work.

In relation to the bunkers on the course, there are a number of bunkers which require damaged faces to be repaired, a number of the bunkers will require to be rebuilt.  We will look at the possibility of upgrading some of the older bunkers to try and bring them in line with the bunkers at the sand greens which have been replaced.  This will mean certain bunker being marked GUR until we apply more sand prior to the new playing season.

On more general matters there is some substantial tree work which will be carried out, this will include the thinning of trees, cutting back trees overhanging greens and green banks and also removing low level branches.  The hedge along the railway will also be cut back closer to the fence and the top will also be slightly lowered.  There are also areas of drainage which will be addressed to ensure that the course remains as dry as possible during wet periods.  The drainage work carried out last year has certainly benefited the course this year.

We hope you understand that this work is essential to keep the course in an excellent condition for next year and the staff appreciate your patience during any disruption.

Marc Cairnie

Greens Convenor