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Currie Star in Gothia 2015

Currie Star entered the Gothia Cup for the second time in July, taking 63 players over to the International Youth World Cup. 26000 players from 75 different countries participated this year, in what was a truly wonderful week of football.

Aside from the football, the boys each need to live with their team mates in classrooms and last one full week without their X-Boxes! Some did have withdrawal symptoms but thankfully the football kept them busy!!

This trips are fantastic for team morale and the kids personal development as people. They live with their team mates for one week and learn to mix with others. It was a truly fantastic week with lots of games played and the players learnt from being up against different countries and different styles of play.

Our 2001 team wore their new strips with new partner Kingsknowe Golf Club proudly emblazoned as the sponsor. Perhaps KGC will get interest from abroad given the international exposure!

Currie Star FC is hoping to take over 100 players when they go back in 2017….let the fundraising begin!!

If any member has a child / grandchild interested in joining a fantastic football club please contact us at curriestarfootballclub@gmail.com. Anyone interested in playing golf at Kingsknowe can contact clubmanager@kingsknowe.com

Gothia 2015 2

Gothia 2015