• Course update. Course closed all weekend. Next course inspection Monday morning.

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Ladies Coaching Post Event Feedback

Over the last few weeks ladies have been enjoying group coaching sessions led by Chris on Fridays.

The sessions have been well attended by both non-members and members.

To gain post-event feedback we asked all those who attended to fill out a customer feedback form. Out of those that were returned, 100% of participants enjoyed the format of the sessions and once again 100% of participants felt that they had gained a great deal from the coaching group. The short game sessions were found to be particularly helpful.

Due to the huge success of the coaching group, further dates have been announced and will take place on the 16th and 23rd October.

Chris will be looking to start other sessions with other groups as well so look out for further details coming soon.

If anyone would like to leave further feedback or share any photos or videos, then please do so with either Chris or Colin.