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Memorial Competition

On Sunday 9th August John Hunter and a group of members and friends had a Memorial competition for two past members, Dennis Mitchell and Olaf Donaldson.

Dennis and Olaf were great friends and tragically died nine years ago within a day of each other in 2006 . Dennis would have been 57 and Olaf around 59. John joined the club on the same night as Dennis, and also knew him from School.

John and everyone involved with the event would like to thank the club for its support. The event is run every year with the help of Alan Mitchell, Dennis’s brother, and the group would also like to thank Chris Morris and Steve McMahon for their help over the 9 years they have been remembering their great friends.

Memorial Competition

Photo: (from left to right) Sandy Smith, Alan Mitchell and Davy Bissett.

Memorial Competition 2

Photo: John Hunter, Ian Cockburn and David McGinley.