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Pilates for Golfers Workshop

Members of Kingsknowe Golf Club have been invited to attend a Pilates for Golfers workshop on the 8th August at Balanced Physiotherapy in Stockbridge.

The aim of the two hour workshop is to introduce people to the Pilates method and to demonstrate the benefits of Pilates for the golfer. Thereafter, we will be launching weekly Pilates for Golfers classes at various venues across Edinburgh in September.

The Pilates method as part of a golf training regime will benefit both the physical and psychological sides of your game. We all know golf can be tough on our mind, but it can be equally challenging on our body, which is arguably the most important piece of equipment we have on the course.

Pilates as physical and mental conditioning can enhance strength, flexibility and coordination as well as reduce stress through improved mental focus and a sense of wellbeing. It is now a well-established part of tour training for the world’s top golfers, who recognise that golfers need a combination of strength, flexibility and range of motion to optimise their performance on the course. By improving rotation in the upper body and shoulders, whilst strengthening the deep abdominals and increasing stability through the hips, our Pilates for Golfers programme will enhance your technique and encourage higher quality movement patterns.

This is a unique opportunity to take part in the newly established Body Control Pilates for Golf programme in Edinburgh. The workshop will be taken by Susie and Amy Alexander, both golfers and certified Body Control Pilates instructors who have recently launched their own wellbeing business with a focus on Pilates for the golfer.

Event Details

Pilates for Golfers Workshop

Date: 8th August 2015

Time: 13.00 – 15.00

Venue: Balanced Physiotherapy, 1 St Bernard’s Row, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Price: £35.00

To book email [email protected]; or visit
Limited places available.