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Rules of Golf

There are two types of Rules relating to golf. There are the main Rules of Golf and Local Rules.

Can you think of a more boring subject, yet it could cost you The Championship, leading handicap in the Summer Outing, Winning the next 5 day outing, or 25p in your weekly game?

Who makes up the rules?

The R & A have a panel that discus all rules changes. Who sits on this panel ? It is made up of a cross section of people It contain Lawyers, Low Handicap, High Handicap players and people from different backgrounds to make sure all rule changes can be understood.

Rule Adjustments are made every 4 years and are agreed between the R & A and PGA of America.

Which Rule is most misused?


You can ONLY lose a ball 3 ways:

1) If you have not found the ball within 5 minutes;

It helps speed of play if you wave the game behind through as soon as it is obvious that you are going to spend time looking for the ball;

It is not 5 minutes before you wave the next lot through it is 5 minutes from when you or your partner start looking for it.

2) If you decide to put another ball into play;

If there is doubt about whether you think you might lose it, always play a Provisional Ball before going forward to search for it. This is not “another ball in play”.

3) If you play a Provisional Ball from a point past where you think you have lost your original ball.

If there is a demand we will include further rules information in future issues, so why not drop the office a line with your question, suggestions or enquiries.

Wishing you all a very good remainder of the season!