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Greens Update from Marc Cairnie, Greens Convenor

This update is about the current conditions of the greens and an explanation to let members understand the background to the overseeding programme taking place.

After feedback from the members following the greens forum held in December 2014 the Board made a commitment to reintroduce the greens overseeding programme which had been dormant for a number of years due to lack of funding. The rational behind this was to improve the overall condition of the grass plant throughout the year and to minimise the amount of different grasses we have.  The more grasses we have causes too many problems with them all growing at different rates and during different weather conditions, particularly in the Spring months.

After year one of overseeding we are starting to see the good grasses come through.  The fescu/bent is what we are aiming to have as our predominant grass as opposed to the poa which we have at present.  The main reason that we are seeing patchy areas on some of the greens is due to the poa grass starting to reduce due to the lack of nitrogen in the soil and these bare areas will be overtaken by the fescu/bent in due course. To maintain this programme, we will be overseeding at the end of June, July, August and September.  During this programme we will continue to see the greens have good roll however the pace might not be to everyone’s liking.

Unfortunately, we cannot make this problem disappear overnight but we would like to assure members that while this issue may get a little worse in the short term, very soon we will have the fescu/bent growth in the bare areas. As stated at the greens forum, this programme is not a short term fix and will take a further three years before we have a fescu/bent dominant grass which will give us better greens throughout the year. The board are committed to this programme and hope the members will support this strategy.

We will continue to monitor the progress and condition of each green and work closely with the agronomists who we also consult with. Their knowledge and experience will help us achieve the best results for Kingsknowe given the resource we have.  Should you wish any further information on the overseeding programme please forward any emails to [email protected] for my attention.