• Course update. Course closed all weekend. Next course inspection Monday morning.

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Lothians Stroke Play Handicap Competition

The Lothians Golf Association is pleased to announce the launch of a new Handicap Stroke Play Championship which will be played over Kingsknowe on Sunday 23 September.

This is an 18 hole event for players whose home club is in the Lothians and have a handicap from 6 to 28.  Members who are interested in playing can enter through the Lothians website by clicking the ‘Enter’ tab against this event at the top right hand side of the Home page on the Lothians website. www.lothiansgolfassociation.org.uk

Lothians President Paul Gibson said: “On the evening that I became the President of the Lothians Golf Association, I emphasised my desire to reach out to the ‘average club golfer’ by introducing a handicap event that would be open to the large majority of our members. While we serve our low handicap players, our Juniors and our Seniors, extremely well, it is important that we offer as many players as possible, the opportunity to compete against each other with a handicap event being the ideal platform. The concept has been developed by our Club Services Committee in conjunction with our Tournament Committee. Our inaugural event will be held at Kingsknowe Golf Club on the 23 September 2018; it’s an ideal venue, centrally located, and should attract a large number of keen competitors. Depending on its success, other similar tournaments may be on the radar in the future. I commend the tournament to you, and look forward to the dawn of a new chapter in the competitive arena of the Lothians Golf Association.”