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Medal Day on 15th July

These are unprecedented times and trying to fit a golf season into the new normal presents us with another unique challenge.  Covid-19 has forced a drastically different fixture list on us between now and the end of October and consequently we need to try to maximise the number of competitions available to all categories of member – and this has not been easy!

To that end, we need to test it with “live” competitions using the same simultaneous processes for Gents, Ladies, 5 Day & Junior members, with the aim of getting successfully completed competitions and results for each section.

Our first “trial” day is on Wednesday 15th July and if it works without any major issues, we can set up combinations of Gents, Ladies, 5 Day & Junior in the months ahead.  If it doesn’t work properly, the outcomes and feedback from the respective sections will determine what else we need to do with future midweek competitions.

It will mean that Wednesday 15th July will be a very busy day on the course and also for the booking system for that day which will open tomorrow (Thursday 9th July). We hope everyone will get a game on the course that day but it may mean you won’t get to play at your preferred or usual time. This will be the same for everyone regardless of membership category.

We would also respectfully ask that any members playing a bounce game try to avoid Wednesday 15th July that week and if you are still on furlough, could you try to play early to leave times after 4pm for those members back at work?

We would also ask you to remember that golf is not an end to the pandemic and rules have been relaxed to allow almost every method of scores return to avoid the return of physical cards which are an unnecessary risk to those who close the competition – and this can also delay the results by several days.   It is very important that players can clearly identify who their marker was, and once you have made an electronic return by App, email of picture or hole by hole score report via email, you should then hold onto your card until the results are published. That way you can appeal a result or report errors for a score you marked. This is known as peer  review of results and everyone should be encouraged to cross check.  Any queries on this should be directed to match@kingsknowe.com or ladies@kingsknowe.com.

Thanks for your cooperation.