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Bar and Catering Operation Comes In-House

After seven years of Food Creations providing our bar and catering service, we will be bringing this service back in-house this Monday the 13th of January.  Amy Newell will be transferring over from Food Creations to take charge of operations:

“I have been appointed as the Catering and Bar Manager and Lorna is joining me, working behind the bar and assisting me in the daily operation. We are looking forward to this new challenge and are confident we can bring a fresh approach to the catering service for the members. We will be bringing out a new menu soon and have other ideas planned to ensure we provide the quality of food and service that you are looking for.  We have all worked really hard to make this change happen as smoothly as possible and we really value all the support you can give us to make it a success.”

Monday will be a changeover day with Food Creations, and we will have soup and sandwiches available  during the day whilst we sort everything out behind the scenes to allow Food Creations to depart and the Club to take over.  We are still looking for an external company to take over the running on a longer term basis and will be speaking to any interested parties as enquiries arise.  Currently we are receiving support from a company called CEC in the short term, and we are very grateful for their assistance.