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Outdoor Service Arrangements For This Weekend

Following the relaxation of some of the Scottish Government covid-19 regulations, it will now be possible for us to serve refreshments to members this weekend on the basis that all social distancing guidelines are followed.  On Friday through Sunday, we will have an outside service in the side car park off Lanark Road.  The purpose of providing this service is to give members the opportunity to have a refreshment after their matches this weekend now that the lockdown regulations are being relaxed.  To enable this, we must provide a one way system which will operate in a clockwise direction from Lanark Road through the car park, in front of the Sun Lounge, and exiting on to Kingsknowe Road South.  This must be followed at all times and especially when coming off the golf course at the 18th green.

As you are aware, we do not have a formal beer garden, so the car park space will be made available for a limited amount of members.  This car park has now been taken out of commission to enable us to set up for Friday.

The service will be available at the following times:

Friday: 1pm – 9pm

Saturday: 12 – 8pm

Sunday: 12-8pm

The space will mainly be for standing only but there will be limited seating for those who may require it.  The majority of members will require to social distance in line with the regulations we need to follow, although household groups and “bubbles” will be able to socialise together.  Anyone using a table must wipe it down after use and put all their disposables in the bins provided.  There will not be any shelter, and no-one is yet allowed in to the clubhouse, therefore the interior of the clubhouse will remain closed regardless of the weather.  As a result there will not be a toilet facility available.

The procedure will be that members will exit the course onto the clockwise one way system (see map below) and enter the service space from Lanark Road.  Once you have finished your match therefore, you should put your clubs away in your car and come round the outside of the building by the main car park onto Kingsknowe Road South, onto Lanark Road, and enter into the service space there – not through the gate at the practice putting green as this is for exit from the space only. One member of the group will need to join the queue as marked (at 2m spaced intervals), to order their drinks from the serving area at the rear kitchen door.  At that point, it will be mandatory for the tracing data for the group to be completed, and this must be done before drinks can be collected.  No cash please – only card payments will be accepted.  Once drinks are collected and the serving area is vacated, the next person can enter the serving area to order and collect their drinks.  When vacating the space after their drinks, members must leave by the gate out to the golf course side – please remember it is a one way system – following the one way system.  If there is a need for a queue for serving, then this may need to spill out onto Lanark Road and in this case, please allow 2 metres, and a free passage for any pedestrians ,

Bottles and cans of beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available for you to purchase, as well as teas and coffees.  Disposable cups will be provided and they should be deposited in the bins after use.

To help make this venture a success, it will rely on the co-operation of members, and in particular, for everyone to follow the guidelines and regulations regarding social distancing.  Please respect other members whilst in the space and be prepared to vacate it after a while if it starts to get busy, to allow other members coming in after you, the opportunity to enjoy a refreshment too.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and enjoy your day.