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Your Monthly Entertainment Programme at the Clubhouse

2017 Social Calendar 

Thanks to those who voted for the Tribute Acts that you think would be a hit at Kingsknowe.  ABBA, Freddie Mercury and Motown/60s all collected the most votes and have built this into the Social Programme for 2017.  See the full programme here: Social Calendar 2017

Our Next Event is Our Stand Up Comedy Night On Saturday 9th September

Next up on the social calendar is our Stand Up Comedy Night.  Tickets are priced £10.  Our professional comedians for this great event are Wes Zaharuk, Susan Morrison and Tony Jameson.

Wes Zaharuk: Wes Zaharuk has a world-wide reputation for a tornado-like approach to comedy, surreal feats and an eccentric collection of eye-popping prop tricks. He is a one-man tour de force, known to combine routines with power tools, bananas and film noir. Perfectly Bananas received five star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival and picked up a 2013 Buxton Fringe Award for Best Comedy (Individual). Wes credits his comic roots to his parents. They made ‘not listening’ an Olympic event. As a child, his parents dressed him in wool pants that were incredibly itchy. Complain as he would, his words fell on deaf ears. When he developed a skin condition that looked like a large, all-dressed pizza, he was tested for allergies. It was found that he was allergic to wool. Through it all, Wes developed his desire to be heard — if only to reduce rash. About the use of props in his performance Wes quips “Show business sometimes lures people who didn’t get enough love early in life. I feel as a child I didn’t get enough unsupervised time with power tools but who has perfect parents?”

Susan Morrison: Don’t be fooled by the diminutive frame. Within this pint-sized exterior lies a talent so huge that it can barely be contained. Susan Morrison is a comedy volcano, erupting with an endless flow of scorching hot gags, spewing forth at a blistering pace. Whether performing her own solo act or hosting The Stand’s big weekend gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Susan is in a class of her own when it comes to quick-fire wit. A forty-something mother of two, Susan mixes real-life experiences, topical observations, audience interaction and Glasgow style storytelling to spellbinding effect. Presenting her own perspective on life, motherhood, shopping and shipping, Susan’s broad appeal transcends the sexes and unites audiences in hysterical laughter. Susan is a frequent contributor to BBC Radio Scotland. In addition to regular appearances on the “The Fred MacAulay Show”, she has recently presented radio documentaries on subjects as diverse as the history of toilets (“On The Throne”) and the positive effects of laughter (“Laughter – the Best Medicine”). This lead to a permanent seat at the breakfast table. Until recently Susan co-presented The Morning Show on Edinburgh talk radio station Talk 107 each weekday.

Tony Jameson: In September 2008, Tony Jameson first stepped foot onstage. Little did he know, 4 years later he would be quitting his day job as a college lecturer to pursue a full time career as one of the North’s most exciting and in demand comedians. Whether he is performing as an MC or an act at some of the UKs’ top comedy clubs, Tony’s laid back conversational style creates an atmosphere you can’t help but get swept up with. He is just as confident regaling tales of everyday relatable troubles as he is improvising fantastic off the cuff routines should the opportunity present itself. Tony has performed four full Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows at The Stand Comedy Club, and has recently concluded his first ever UK tour with his critical acclaimed show, ‘Football Manager Ruined My Life’. That show not only allowed him to perform in front of a vast number of people, but also a show that enabled him to make his silver screen debut as part of ‘Football Manager: An Alternate Reality’. Tony has performed at various music festivals including Dearshed, Spilt, Beladrum, and Cornucopia, as well as appearing on the iconic comedy festival showcase Comedy In The Dark. Tony also co-hosted a show with Andy Fury on Star Radio in Darlington, as well writing for various football websites including The Secret Footballer.