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All the Re-opening Details

You can find all the re-opening details and procedures here:

Tee Booking Arrangements:  Tee Booking Arrangements 10 July Update

Playing the Course Procedures:  Arrangements for Playing the Course 10 July Update

WHS Questions and Returning Scores in a Competition:  WHS FAQs

Members’ Guest Prices 2021


Adult Junior
Weekday Weekend
March: £10 £15 £5
April: £15 £15 £5
May – September: £15 £20 £5
October: £15 £15 £5
November – March: £10 £15 £5


Members’ Buggy Prices 2021


Weekday Weekend 36 Holes
Buggy: £15 £20 + £10
Buggy with medical certificate: £10 £12



Andrew Law “B” Champion Karen Hill Ladies Bronze Champion
Aaron Hamilton “C” Champion Harry Steel Junior “B” Champion


Important Course Notices:  Golf Buggies

Following an independent Risk Assessment of the Golf Course regarding the use of ride-on buggies all members are asked to familiarise themselves with the guidelines.   Members will be issued with the guidelines safety card when they first use a buggy – either hire or their own, and will be asked to retain it for future reference.  The safety cards will also now be issued to visitors each time they hire a buggy or bring their own ride-on buggy.  To view and/or download the guide.  To view and/or download the guidelines, click here: Golf Cart Safety Booklet

Ready Golf

The Match Sub Committee would like to take this opportunity to remind all golfers regardless of age, sex or ability that they should play “READY GOLF” at all times.  Great improvements have been made over recent times in keeping the average time in Medals and Majors to around 3 hours 30-40 minutes, and it is important that the pace of play does not start to increase towards 4 hours again.  Please therefore read and follow the ‘Ready Golf’ tips below, as these can help improve our pace of play around the course:  Ready Golf Notice.

“Match” email address

Gents Members in the Full, Seniors and Youth Categories who have any general queries regarding away scores, handicap or competitions, should now send these directly to [email protected] or [email protected] for Ladies and [email protected] for Juniors.

Members Notice Re Majors Tee Time Booking

The Board Members have discussed the process whereby a member can request a tee time in advance of a “major” draw sheet being posted and will operate this under the following criteria:

Tee times may only be requested by members when they are on holiday or where they believe they have exceptional circumstances.  Requests must be made in writing and the Committee’s decision will be final.

Competition Draws:  Online Information

Members should note that a tee time in a specific draw can now be viewed in the members area of the website.  If a member logs in using their log in credentials and click on competitions tab, search for the competition in the list and then click on “draws”, this will show all members’  tee times in that specific competition.  Members are reminded to notify the Pro Shop of any late withdrawls / entries as the published draw is now laminated.

Hailes Golf Club

Hailes Golf Club is the “Club within a Club” at Kingsknowe.  Hailes Golf Club provides Full Gents Members of Kingsknowe Golf Club the opportunity to enjoy other social and golfing opportunities.  See here for full details: Hailes Golf Club.

Pitch Marks

Please ensure that you repair any pitch marks on the greens caused by your ball, or any other ball landing on the green.  This area has proved problematic over recent seasons and something all members need to pay special attention too.  This greatly helps the green staff improving the putting surface you play on.  The greens staff and greens committee hope that all the hard work put in over the winter will provide members with a course in great condition for the coming season.

Join our Lottery to Help the Club

Its easy to join our lottery to build up funds for improving our facilities and services

The golf club has signed up with Sports Club Lottery, to give all Kingsknowe Golf Club members, families, colleagues and friends, the opportunity to be part of a lottery that will bring benefits directly to the golf club.  For all the details see here: Kingsknowe Lottery Details.

You can download your Joining/Direct Debit Form from this Lottery form.